Personal & Domestic Self Storage

Whatever the reason you need extra space, we are here to help.
Temporary to long term Self Storage for personal use

Self Storage

There are many reasons you may need extra space and personal storage solutions here at 1st Self Storage, we offer self storage in Wisbech and soon King’s Lynn  at the best rates and ready to help you reclaim the space you truly need.

Moving Home?

Maybe you have sold your house and need to rent a furnished home whilst you await the exchange date?


We provide a wide variety of sized temporary self storage units from just 1 month minimum booking to help whilst you relocate. If you change your mind and need longer, we are very flexible.

self storage


You may decide to have a period of time travelling and you don’t want to commit to long term contracts. 1st Self Storage, Wisbech makes it simple and accommodates your storage needs whatever the reason.

New Hobby?

Some of our customers don’t want to invest in extending their home for their new hobby and the garage is already full. You may need an extra room for whatever your hobby is, that’s local and you have 100% control of. Here at 1st Self-Storage we offer secure, safe and accessible from 05:00 to 23:00 to your self storage container in Wisbech or King’s Lynn.

Personal Storage?

We find self storage to be a stress free helpful solution when maybe you’ve gone through a family bereavement and need time to plan what to do with your loved ones furniture and personal belongings. Our family run team are sensitive, friendly and flexible with your requirements. Our containers are all new and insulated so you can rest assure your family belongings are in safe hands. You are the sole key owner with access from 05:00 to 23:00 on a CCTV monitored gated site.